About 1planet

WHO we are

We are a nonprofit advocacy organization whose members act collectively in small and big ways to address climate change and protect the environment. We are women who will put policy-makers and politicians on notice that we will speak out, organize, advocate and VOTE for climate change solutions. 


After the 2016 election, we were alarmed to see an assault on science, denial of climate change, and the U.S. pull out of the Paris Climate Treaty. The environment, our public lands, and even public health, are threatened.

Determined not to resign ourselves to a future of environmental degradation or inaction on climate change, we felt compelled to do something. Rather than act alone, we decided to link arms with other women who feel the same way. Women are a powerful and unstoppable force when we come together. 

Not only for ourselves, but for the sake of future generations, we must take care of our 1Planet.

what we Support

  • We support legislative efforts to address climate change.
  • We support and encourage policies that promote clean energy.
  • We support elected officials who work toward climate change solutions and call out those who don't.
  • We support science in all policy-making decisions.
  • We support the protection of the environment and public land.
  • We support corporations and private interests who demonstrate a significant commitment to addressing climate change. 


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Christine Matthews - Mom. Wife. Rescuer of dogs, frogs, turtles. Lover of hummingbirds. Wildlife gardener. Virginia Master Naturalist. Pollster and small business owner. Habitat: Alexandria, Virginia

Susanna Carey - Editor. Graphic designer. Amateur photographer. Love hiking, gardening, flea markets, and baking birthday cakes for my friends and family. Live in Alexandria, Virginia, with my husband, two children, and a yellow lab named Grant.

Jennifer Roda - Wife and mom of three, plus my real baby – Toby the dog. School booster and community volunteer. Bookkeeper. First fell in love with the outdoors while canoeing through Wisconsin and Canada in the summers as a teen.


Get in touch with us at:  info@1planetpac.org